Salt decomposed

“SALT explores critical and timely issues in visual and material culture, and cultivates innovative programs for research and experimental thinking.”

SALT is a research-based cultural institution opened its doors to users with its first venue in Beyoğlu on April 9, 2011, and the second one in Galata on November 22, 2011. An institution could very well be perceived as an idea take shape and action. In the example of SALT, the two buildings set the shape, and all research and programs set the action. To study the institution’s individuality and impact, attributes assumed as pertaining to two-way relations with İstanbul, it would be crucial to show how each one piece on the front is linked to other pieces lying in different depths and directions, including time. Viewing of the pieces in an attempt to explore the interrelations between certain singular pieces or sets enables to look into a multitude of instantaneous elevations of the institution. In this way, things that are believed to belong to separate domains -like idea, shape, and actionare introduced to each other for an unpredicted conversation. This type of conversing, gives its participants a chance of escaping the chronological, the categorical, the heterogeneous, in short the departmental. The talk will illustrate how SALT interrelates as idea, as physical entity, as content, with examples collected so far on from its existence.

1,2 | SALT Research, SALT Galata, Istanbul, photo by Elif Gürbüz

3 | The Making Of Beyoğlu, SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, photo by Elif Gürbüz

4 | Forum, SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul, photo by Elif Gürbüz

BIO | Meriç Öner obtained undergraduate degree in architecture from İstanbul Technical University in 2001 and master’s degree in the same field from İstanbul Bilgi University in 2007. Between 2001-2004, she worked as an architect. She was the coordinator of the parallel exhibitions for the 22nd world congress of architecture, UIA 2005 Istanbul. She worked on several exhibitions for Garanti Galeri between 2007-2010. Her enthusiasm in urban research culminated in the Becoming Istanbul project: she has been managing the project’s content since 2008; published entries in the Becoming Istanbul book; edited Tracing Istanbul (from the air); and co-edited Mapping Istanbul. Since 2010 she is programming for SALT as associate director of research and programs.


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