Three stories for Istanbul

1. THE CITY OF GARDENS: new bio-bostans + agricultural resource center along 4 kilometres of reclaimed railway.
The city of gardens is an endeavour to give back to the city’s inhabitants the nostalgic realities of a verdant past – the bostans or vegetable gardens. It is an attempt to recapture and re- infuse this
heritage into the present day lives of the people with a focus on present day urban sustainability
problems, while at the same time providing future generations with a cultural and an urban legacy to
cherish and nurture.

2. ECO_CENTER: natural resource laboratory + recycling center along Haliç
A place where people can still swim in the waters that are inherent to the genus loci of Istanbul – the
spirit of an enchanting place and fertile territory that convinced Byzas to found a city based on fishing
and agriculture.
Eco-Center will be dedicated to that vision – it will be part of general municipal strategy that administers and manages the consumption and disposal of natural resources in the city of Istanbul with the specific goal of invigorating this advocacy through the education, consciousness-raising and targeting of younger generations of Istanbullu.

3. CENTER FOR YOUTH CULTURE; strategic investments in Istanbul futures
Creating a place specifically dedicated to youth culture in no way signifies a speculation on what might be, but rather, demonstrates a trust in the inevitable fact that the next generation will inherit the mantle of responsibility for the world in which we find ourselves tomorrow; a clear statement of confidence and a solid investment in our future. The idea is to provide youth with support services, training and the forum in which to be heard that are all necessary in developing the skills and instruments that it will take to meet the challenges of the complexities of an ever-changing world.


1. Microrealities, A project about places and people_ the vegetable garden city, Aldo Cibic_Cibic&Partners

2. Rethinking Happiness, New communities, new realities. How a small centre becomes a large center, Aldo Cibic

3. Rethinking Happiness, Superbazaar_ A place to live, meet, buy, sell, swap, Aldo Cibic

BIO | Aldo Cibic was born in Schio (Vi) in 1955. In 1977 he moved to Milan to work with Ettore Sottsass, becoming his partner in 1980, together with Matteo Thun and Marco Zanini. That same year, 1980, marked the creation of Memphis, of which Cibic was one of the designers and founders, under the guidance of Sottsass.
Today the main activities take place in Milan, following urban, architecture and interior projects, and
Vicenza with CibicWorkshop involved in design and research, addressing the development of new
design typologies. He also teaches at the Domus Academy, as part of the Industrial Design degree in the Faculty of
Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic and as part of the Industrial Design degree in the Faculty of
Design at the University of Architecture of Venice, as well as doing research on the relationship
between design and society. He is Honorary Professor at Tongiji University, Shanghai.
In 2010 he is invited to La Biennale di Architettura di Venezia 2010 “People Meet in Architecture”
directed by japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima, with the project “Rethinking Happiness”.


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