Iuav at the Design Week di Istanbul

From the 23rd of september to the 3rd of october 2011, IUAV (Università Iuav di Venezia) has set-up an exhibition space during the Design Week in Istanbul (IDW), showing some of the latest projects developed in the field of product innovation technology.

The projects displayed where choosen in order to present an original point of view on the Italian design, that goes beyond the usual cliché of ‘Made in Italy’, i.e the idea that design is only about products and investigating more closely the relationships between design, its social environment and scientific research: hence the label ‘Made in Iuav’.

This workshop has been a valuable experience towards improving our collaboration and  research with Turkey, a country that is living a fast and strong economic and cultural development. Moreover this is intended as a first step of a more ambitious project of cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University, aiming to reconsider the relationships between Venice and Istanbul and their key role in connecting the East and the West, and to create new opportunities of economic and cultural exchange between the two towns in a climate of mutual dialogue.

See the report on the dedicated web-site: http://iuavistanbuldesignweek.tumblr.com/report.            The students involved were: Alessio Abdolahian, Jacopo Bortolato, Valentina Lamantia, Isabella Loddo, Dario Martini, Matteo Mazzero, Arianna Picco.

BIO | Simona Morini teaches decision making theory, games theory and philosophy of science at the IUAV (Università Iuav di Venezia), where she is in charge of the international relationships for the faculty of Arts and Design. In the last years, besides the research on philosophy of science, she has focused on the visualisation and communication of scientific concepts.


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