The evolution of gentrificaton in Istanbul: 1980-2011

It has been more than three decades since the first signs of gentrification are seen in Istanbul. In thirty years, the meaning and scope of the process has changed dramatically. This paper describes the evolution of gentrification in Istanbul by examining the process in three consecutive eras with different dynamics: pre-2000s, early 2000s and post 2005, and highlights the discerning characteristics of each era.

Sulukule: post 2005 State-led gentrification

Algeria Street: early 2000s Corporate-led gentrification

Kuzguncuk: 1980s – Classical Gentrification

BIO | Tolga İslam. As a researcher, I have been working on gentrification for the past 10 years, mainly focusing on the gentrification processes taking place in Istanbul. I have written my PhD thesis on state-led / urban renewal based gentrification in Sulukule / Istanbul (2009) and master thesis on (classical) gentrification and gentrifiers in Galata / Istanbul (2002). I have published a number of articles on gentrification, urban renewal and urban discourse (see for my publications). I am currently working as a research assistant in the Urban Planning Department of Yildiz Technical University.


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