What kind of role art can play in order to prevent the cities from becoming museums of capitalism when the age of idealism is over and we return to normal.
During the last century consumerism turned humanity into a prisoner of its own constructed reality that mirrors the same ideology. This heterogeneous culture brought up its own  sample citizens. The result of  polarization of expropriation by artists v libertarian existentialism was to get rid of this reflex.
Since modernism even the post modernism is re awakening  the meaning of the art can we declare that art is not dead? What was death was the reflection.
The reflection industry created its people categorization on the peripheries forcing us to an artistic situation of ‘value plus effect’ paradox.
If the art continued with its underground   life and transforms it while the state produced the prototype citizen with its degenerate discipline  then this creates a paradox. Art pieces  which find their value in the hands of the rich become a commodity of the consumer culture and is used by the system. This distrains its free nature.
But sometimes life itself surprises us. Suddenly we realize that the battle is not between the classes as we were told. The battle is with the humanity’s conscious and there is only one duel. In the new age with the transparent technology revolution and the totalitarian experimentation of  idealism we have reached a shameful sensitivity. It’s time to cooperate with art to fill the space left with the demise of capitalism’s power with warm peace.
Istanbul is the cradle of a beauty that has been mistreated. In the near past it has suffered the introverted culture policies as well as Asian phobia, religious phobia and nationalist phobia. This prevented it from relishing the cultural values its differences composes of. At times it was sidelined by the west. However the city with its own auto destructive attitude kept itself out of reach of the most pitiless operations of capitalism. And the climate it experiences in its art world recently is as strong as a spring. For instance…

If it’s ‘Death in Venezia’,
‘the death of the art’
is only the death of reflection…
Utopias are inside us…

BIO | Riitta Cankoçak was  born in Finland. After graduating from the high school she started to travel the world especially to learn about different cultures and languages. She has a diploma from Stockholm University Nordic Languages Department as a guide and translator. Afterwards she studied Modern Italian Literature at the University of Perruggia. Moved to Turkey in 1996 and set a ceramic workshop in the South. She held 5 solo exhibitions soon afterwards. At the same time she worked with refuge children in Geneva for 3 years. Moved to Istanbul in 2009 to write a novel. Writes for the daily Birgün as well as various literary magazines. Her poems have been published in Finland and Turkey. She translates poetry and novel. She is also working on a play.


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