Download the full article here, from Ipek Akpinar,THE MAKING OF A MODERN PAY-I TAHT IN ISTANBUL: Menderes’ executions after Prost’s Plan”, from The Imperial Capital to the Republican Modern City: Henri Prost’s Planning of Istanbul (1936-1951), C. Bilsel, P.Pinon (eds.), Istanbul:  Istanbul Research Institute, 2010, pp.167-199.

BIO | İpek Akpınar, Assistant professor, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. Following her bachelor and Master of Science studies at Istanbul Technical University – Department of Architecture, she has received her doctoral degree with a thesis entitled “The Rebuilding of Istanbul after the Plan of Henri Prost: from secularisation to Turkish Modernisation” from Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, University of London (2003). She is currently lecturing at ITU. She is publishing and organising workshops on the relations of architecture with the urban, political and cultural context. She is on the editorial board of the Journal of Architecture, and member on the advisory board of the UCL Urban Laboratory. She is producing a radio programme entitled Açık Mimarlık (open architecture) at Açık Radyo-Istanbul.


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